Introducing Paperstreet

We leverage a global network of advisors, Angel Investors, and Venture Capitalists to get startups off the ground.

For Accelerators

Engage your community

Leverage your network
- Gather company updates
- Relay information to mentors and investors
- Spread the word
Monitor portfolio activity
- Target introductions
- Manage time
- Keep your leadership informed
Maintain contact after demo day
- Help alumni keep you informed
- Track post-program investment
- Stay on top of your network

For Investors & Advisors

Discover, Track, Invest

Tap into deal flow from around the world  
Receive regular progress updates
Sign contracts and save documents on a secure platform

Raise faster / Build more

Expand your network of Angel Investors & VC's

Provide updates that close investments
Manage your raise on one platform

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