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Built-in investor update template

Save yourself days trying to format and design a presentable report for investors. Our standard templates make it very easy for companies to fill in the relevant information and investors receive your content in an easy-to-read format. Clean and simple reports will also save investors valuable time.

Angelspan conducted an online survey covering over 7500 startup companies and the report said that 83% of startup investors agree that companies that communicate perform better.

With Paperstreet, all you have to do is add the details under categories like “financials” and “strategy” or create your own reporting sections. For even more convenience, you can duplicate and edit previous updates.


Tailored reporting tool vs. email

Investors are busy people and they have many opportunities presented to them all of the time. Would they feel engaged reading long emails with PDFs and endless charts? Probably not. Formatting and putting an email together is also very time-consuming.

Rather than sending investors a typical email, you can stand out from the competition by sending them beautifully effective updates that are easy for them to read quickly. These reports help build your credibility and reputation.

The problem with using programs for email campaigns is that the templates aren’t tailored specifically to an investor audience the way Paperstreet is. With our templates, you can easily add your information in the appropriate sections in minutes and send the reports.


Why send investor updates?

1.   It keeps investors informed

Even though privately held companies aren’t required to send investor reports, sending regular updates helps establish trust and strengthens relationships. Frequent communication is essential for the growth and health of a company. Building investor confidence requires continuous effort and reports play a key role in enhancing your reputation.

2.   It brings advice and referrals

An investor report is not meant to only show highlights, challenges, and new developments. Your updates are a great opportunity to ask for advice to people in your network who can help you solve a problem, connect with the right people, or grow faster. Getting assistance from the right person will save you a lot of work and help your company accelerate to the next level.

3.   It fosters trust and accountability

When you are working towards meeting crucial metrics like KPIs or OKRs, reporting your progress to investors will help keep you focused and incentivize you to keep strategizing to meet those targets. When all members of a team are accountable and working towards strategic goals, this helps push companies forward.

4.   It maintains your rhythm

When you put together regular investor reports outlining your key goals, strategies and metrics, this helps keep your team on track as they review the KPIs and ORKs. When someone invests their money in a company, they are demonstrating confidence in your goals and providing investor reports shows what you are doing to make your vision a reality.

5.   It shows your ability to execute goals

Investors don’t want to see great ideas alone, they want to see effective action and progress towards your goals. Your reports will show your consistent ability to act on what you say you will do. When an investor can see steady progress, they will feel more assured about their investment.

6.   It keeps you top of mind

Investors don’t usually buy into a company immediately. They need to see good progress, good financials, and clear objectives before they make their decisions. Regular investor updates will help you stand out from competitors who don’t communicate as much. These easy-to-read reports will continuously tell the story of your developments.

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Research has shown that startups that submit regular, high-quality reports are better investments than other startups. It is generally recommended that early stage startups send monthly updates while later-stage companies report quarterly.

The number of times you send reports depends on how top of mind you want to be with investors as well as the level of involvement investors have in operations. Some more developed companies may choose to send monthly reports while others may send weekly reports if investors are actively involved in the day-to-day operation of the company.

In addition to investors, it is also good practice to share information with advisors. An advisor is an industry or subject expert who can offer valuable guidance, mentorship, and networking connections. It’s important for them to know what information you are communicating to investors and they may also have recommendations of what data you should include in your reports.

The relevant information depends on the team size, revenue, new funding rounds, and company maturity. Regardless of what information you will include, it should be simple, short, and straight to the point.

Early-stage investor reports (pre-seed and seed)

At this stage, investors are mostly concerned with how the company will continue with the current funding. It is recommended that these reports are sent monthly.

  • Metrics: Burn rate, expenses, cash-in-hand, runway, and 1 to 3 KPIs for your sector

  • Updates: Highlights, product development, challenges, and help needed from investors

Later-stage investor report (A-round and later)

Investors are more focused on metrics at this stage now that the emphasis has shifted towards performance and meeting targets. Investors reports should be at least quarterly.

  • Metrics: Revenue, net profit, expenses, runway, burn rate, cash, headcount, and 4 to 8 key KPIs for your sector.

  • Updates: Highlights, challenges, sales and marketing, product development, team changes, comments on metrics, and help needed from investors.

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