Product Development Contests Platform or Kaggle for Product Managers

BRIEF: 500talents.co is a platform where companies launch their product challenges and our network of product managers competes to solve them — for money or rankings. It can be used a recruiting, assessing, outsourcing or even educating tool.

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Everybody is looking for product managers today but companies spend up to 6 months searching and on-boarding, and the cost of a bad hire reaches $300,000.

SOLUTION: Our killer feature is an assessment model including hard and soft skills for 10 industries as well as psychological profile. It is based on a practical challenge, AI with 2500 peer reviews and linguistic analysis. Such an approach reduces the cost of a mistake by 30% at least.

MARKET: Product Management roles in the US have grown an astounding 32% over just a ~2 year period. It’s 5 times higher than other roles. A product manager becomes one the key figureheads responsible for any endeavour’s success. It’s one of the fastest-growing roles in business.

COMPETITORS: Our direct competitors are all the platforms with a concept of tech contests like Kaggle, job boards, Product Management tools and Communities.

TRACTION: Despite the fact that we started in April 2020, the number of challenges organized on the platform will soon cross over 40 and the number of users is already more than 2500. And we continue to grow by 5-7% a week.

TEAM: We have more than 30 years of practical experience together — both in corporates and startups and we combine both technical, product and marketing skills to build a solid startup.

Learn more at www.500talents.co or reach out to [email protected]

Ksenia Solomatina CEO
Stanislav Zabozlaev CTO
Startup Boost
Website 500talents.co

Location Delaware, United States