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Hxro is a PvP crypto social gaming platform established in 2018 by co-founders Dan Gunsberg, Rob Levy, Danny Johnson, Lawrence Richardson II and Greg Zanotti.
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Token Presale

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December 21st, 2018

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Dan Gunsberg CEO | Co-Founder

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Rob Levy President | Co - Founder

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Danny Johnson Co-Founder

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Lawrence Richardson Co-Founder

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Greg Zanotti Quantitative Lead

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Arra Derderian Lead Software Engineer

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Hxro is a PvP crypto social gaming platform established in 2018 by co-founders Dan Gunsberg, Rob Levy, Danny Johnson, Lawrence Richardson II and Greg Zanotti, who have backgrounds in finance, trading, professional poker, software development and data analytics. Hxro Games, Ltd. is incorporated in Bermuda.

Hxro Games gives users an exciting new way to play crypto price action. Players compete for prize pools and status against peers from around the world. The platform utilizes an ERC-20 token named HXRO which is used for entry fees, unlocking platform entitlements and status.

Hxro’s initial release will feature its first game variant-- MoonRekt.

Players in MoonRekt use their skill and intuition to correctly identify the directional movement of various cryptocurrencies during a specified period of time. Games have pre-defined lengths (5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, etc.) and run perpetually, 24/7/365.

Hxro will also create featured games that highlight news-driven cryptos.

The platform features global Telegram-integrated chatrooms, full charting, leaderboards and low-friction deposit/withdrawal features.

The platform has pre-registered more than more than 19,000 users leading up to its global launch.



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Funding Details

Sale Ended

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