Memoryz is creating a scalable solution that improves quality of life, preserves relationships and creates impact across a multitude of disease profiles. We support families experiencing dementia through a virtual caregiving community, chat-based companionship, task reminders and digital memory albums.

Memoryz allows caregivers to better manage potential oversight, through a digital lens - with a daily scheduler and notification assistant, they are able to guide care receivers’ routines to ensure happy and healthy activity. As we build companionship into our application, caregivers are able to receive self-care reminders/mood support from others via our chatbot Iris.

Memoryz functions as a stand-alone caregiver app or a family-focused caregiver-care receiver app depending on your loved one's cognitive ability. Adding a care receiver interface allows caregivers to send reminders directly to their loved ones, receive instant updates on completion and introduce Iris based support for companionship.

Our solution sits between two consistent problems for families and individuals living with dementia; caregiver exertion and the absence of receiver independence. Memoryz dramatically reduces the strain faced by family providers - not only through organizational solutions to their caregiving routine but by empowering care receivers’ unrealized independence with 24/7 support.

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Rishawn Dindial
Website memoryz.ca/

Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada