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Discover The Power Of Your Sexuality

Sexence is an AI-Powered app designed to help its users enhance their sexuality.

  • Every person may have experienced or will face a challenge or lack of sexual confidence at some point or another in his life.
  • The lack of personal sexual information online.
  • There is a huge gap between what people see online and real life

  • Sexence is the first social and self-care engagement app that uses the power of AI to provide you with personalized information, products, and insights to improve your sex life.¬†

TECHNOLOGY- How Sexence Will Use AI
Our company brings deep technology to this industry in order to create data that can help millions of people.
By collecting and analyzing users' data based on their preferences, it empowers the evolution of Sexence and makes our system more intelligent. In return, it will predict user behavior, make decisions, and provide a more personal experience.

  • Late Gen Z and Millennials (21-35) - about 72M people.
  • US market.
  • Self-care and wellness apps users.
  • 70% female 30% male

The sexual wellness market size was valued at $74,770.0 million in 2019, and is estimated to reach $108,320.0 million by 2027, registering a CAGR of 4.62% from 2021 to 2027. - Allied Market Research

  • Raised $100K from FFF (SAFE).
  • Launched Alpha version.
  • Since February we are bootstrapping but we are growing (we are already 11 people).
  • Accelerators - BSP by Amazon, Startup Boost.
  • Partner with more than 20 wellness companies to create affiliation.
  • Social media - creating a strong impact for our followers / future users every day.

Sexence is built by people professional in human sexuality, technology experts and really cool business guys, in order to create the best user experience for our users.
Management team:
Roy Dror - CEO - Linkedin
Asher Atias - CTO
Shelly Varod - CCO - Linkedin
Ofer Kimchi -  Business Development - Linkedin
Mor Erlich - CMO - Linkedin

To be the most worldwide advanced app in the field of sexuality and lifestyle.
To create methods and tools where people can understand how their sex life reflects on what they are going through in their life.
To collect a huge amount of data that can create good benefits to big organizations' medical centers, therapists, etc.
The vision is to:
  • Be present on every smartphone.
  • Be part of Alexa wellness apps
  • Be part of the Samsung health wellness apps.
  • Be part of other wellness apps.
  • To create a strong brand for Sexence that also includes wellness products.

US market.

Roy Dror CEO
Startup Boost
Website sexence.com/

Location Tel Aviv, Israel