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Xairos Newsletter: April 19, 2022
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Xairos Newsletter: April 19, 2022
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Long ago, we looked to the stars to know our place in the world.
With a clear view of the celestial sky early explorers knew their north-south latitude.
To know their east-west longitude position, they needed an accurate clock to account for the Earth's rotation.
By WWII, radio broadcasts replaced stars as the location reference using systems like LORAN.
With the dawn of the space age these RF beacons moved to satellites.
Launched after the Vietnam war, GPS is still the primary position and time reference for the world.
But progress has slowed since then.
Russia has devolved back into using their LORAN system as they jam GPS.
China has built their own system with optical links for better accuracy.
And the US government is looking at GEO orbits, optical links and advanced clocks for future GPS.
But if we want 6G, the quantum internet, and self-driving vehicles, we need to evolve.

Last Week's Theme: Dual Use, Not Equal Use

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In the wake of World Quantum Day, lots of articles talked about the quantum arms race:

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