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Xairos Newsletter: December 2, 2022
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Xairos Newsletter: December 2, 2022
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Did You Know?

No - this is the first you are hearing about this?
That is because GPS outages are not systematically tracked and reported to the public.
The media has started to report on Russia's jamming and threats to blow up GPS as part of their Ukraine coverage.
But local outages that are disrupting travel, communications, and power grids, never make it into the news.
This spurred the US National PNT Advisory Board to ask the Department of Transportation “to warn the public as soon as possible when GPS services were being disrupted.”
As it stands today, there is no incentive to be responsive to commercial users.
Conversely, there is no recourse for commercial users impacted by outages.
A commercial alternative is needed.

Last Week's Theme: A Sputnik Moment

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Last week we highlighted how China is determined to win a new space race with the United States.
Consider this:

To maintain an edge in this race, US government officials are starting to look towards the commercial sector.
Earlier this year the US Space Systems Command established the Commercial Services Office with the stated intention to “exploit what we have, buy what we can and only build what we must.”
This also includes looking at commercial options for GPS: “We see markets emerging for alternative PNT solutions even though GPS is inherently governmental today.”

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