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Xairos Newsletter: March 10, 2022
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Xairos Newsletter: March 10, 2022
✍️ Theme of the Week

Space will Not be Held Hostage
The new space promise isn’t just about building companies or new innovations.
It is about creating open access to space.
This has been highlighted over the past two terrible weeks.
As the Ukraine conflict escalated, Russia has threatened to:
Blow up the GPS satellites;
Recall their astronauts from the ISS and let it de-orbit;
Refused to launch the OneWeb satellites;
And halt the delivery of launches and rocket engines.
But these threats don’t work any more.
Commercial companies that didn't exist during the original cold war now hold the keys to space:
There are already plans to shelve the ISS and replace with new space stations.
SpaceX, Blue Origin, and others build their own rocket engines and can launch your satellite.
Maxar, BlackSky, and Planet are providing imagery of the conflict in Ukraine.
Starlink and Viasat are providing communications even in the face of hostility
These, among many others, are stepping up to provide critical access for Ukraine and the world.
And while GPS is still vulnerable there are commercial alternatives in work.
Now, more than ever, space cannot be held hostage.

Last Week's Theme: Time is Money

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The world has changed a lot since our last newsletter.
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