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Xairos Newsletter: January 11, 2023
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Xairos Newsletter: January 11, 2023
✍️ Theme of the Week

...Looking Forward
GPS has been a cornerstone for the modern world for nearly four decades.
All financial transactions, communications, data centers and power grids rely on timing from GPS.
And that will continue – GPS and other GNSS systems are critical for global navigation and timing.
But there are future needs that they cannot address:

It's 2023 and the future beckons.

Last Week's Theme: Looking Back…

🏆 Achievements

Shaking off the holiday hangover and working towards our new year plans.

  • Seed funding round has closed! With the proceeds we built a successful Proof-of-Concept (POC), expanded our team, stood up a Board of Advisors, attended conferences, and met potential customers as part of honing a commercial go-to-market strategy.
  • Now planning for our next raise to fund a quantum timing testbed, grow the team, develop our first satellite, and open our office. As part of this we will announce our next investor update presentation soon!
  • Preparing new partnership and proposals.
  • Received Notice of Allowance for our core patents and working on additional patents.
📰 Industry News
💼 Conferences
🎓 The More You Know...

Recently Russia has expanded their jamming of GPS into Russia and Moscow in the light of drone attacks.
This is wreaking havoc with commercial flights and portends further escalation as the conflict drags on.
When Russia originally invaded, they also expected easy disruption of Ukraine's communication networks.
But they didn’t count on the resiliency of commercial satellite systems.
Starlink, in particular, has been resilient to Russia’s cyber-attacks with their “ability to quickly update the system’s software.”
And threats of attacks using anti-satellite missiles “would also be a lot less useful against a constellation like Starlink than against older systems. Knocking out a single Starlink would achieve more or less nothing. If you want to damage the space-based bit of the system, you need to get rid of lots of them.”

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