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Xairos Newsletter: January 24, 2023
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Xairos Newsletter: January 24, 2023
✍️ Theme of the Week

The Last 500 Feet
Recently NASA hosted a Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) Workshop dedicated to the "last 500 feet."
While GPS and other satellite navigation systems work well on the open road, their signals are blocked in the urban canyons of large cities.
And this is where accurate positioning is needed for self-driving cars, flying taxis, and delivery drones.
One solution: move the PNT signals closer to the ground.
Terrestrial beacons can deliver high-power RF signals and be optimally concentrated near traffic lanes.
But these beacons require very accurate time synchronization.

Video courtesy: NASA Data & Reasoning Fabric (DRF)

Video courtesy: Futurama, The Curiosity Company and 20th Television Animation

Last Week's Theme: ...Looking Forward

🏆 Achievements
  • Received notice that our "Quantum Secure Network Clock Synchronization" US patent will be granted in February, and the Europe, Japan, and Korea patents were filed.
  • Working on new proposals and partnerships to expand the team, build a testbed, and design our first satellite.
  • Preparing for upcoming Board and Advisory Meetings, and next Investor Briefing in February.
📰 Industry News
💼 Conferences
🎓 The More You Know...

The World Economic Forum (WEF) believes that "quantum technology will exponentially accelerate the Fourth Industrial Revolution."
There are concerns of a quantum divide between the 17 countries that are investing in quantum research and the 150 that are not.
But the divide is even more stark when you consider that only one country, China, is responsible for half of the global funding in quantum technology.
The US has since made quantum and science funding a priority, and inspired the US State Department to set up an Office of the Special Envoy for Critical and Emerging Technology “to lead development of innovative technologies like artificial intelligence and quantum information.”
And it has also encouraged research cooperation between the US and other western countries.

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